About Us

Paul Kelly Design is a specialist hospitality design company, which has an in-depth understanding of the local and international F&B landscape. With 20 years of experience, Paul Kelly Design has successfully completed over 300 venues throughout Australia and Asia. The wide variety of these offers and the fact that they are positioned across the full market spectrum, highlights the fact that Paul Kelly Design is a strategic partner. Paul Kelly Design delivers the unique requirements of the client and each project, providing much more than an isolated aesthetic interior design response.

Paul Kelly Design provides a differentiated service for its clients, by offering a strategic and comprehensive business solution. Paul Kelly Design has the capability and expertise across these key areas 1) Marketing 2) Operations and 3) Building and construction. In today’s competitive market, Paul Kelly Design can maximize the opportunity of each venue. When ‘space’ and ‘interior design’ aesthetics are not the only important components, Paul Kelly Design uses multiple tools to successfully tailor every unique offer to its specific target audience.